Why does compressed audio not play back properly on my pc? It sounds like a computer tape being played. Help!
2006-09-04 13:34:44 UTC
I have re-installed the codecs, and installed the latest windows media player. Nothing resolves this issue. There is nothing that I can find about this online. The computer plays streaming audio like it is being decoded in the playback... computer beeps and such play instead of the actual sounds... terrible playback and I need help!
Four answers:
2006-09-04 13:38:21 UTC
Maybe the compressed audio is in not so good quality. Might want to change the quality of the audio.

sorry if I quite didn't understand your question. But you might want to mention if you did a cd rip or if it is downloaded music that is playing like that, or even if you are just streaming audio. That might help to answer your question more accurately

EDIT:: Hmm... you mention you got all the drivers and adjusted settings, Maybe the connection to the speakers might be faulty.
2006-09-04 13:45:42 UTC
this may be a issue regarding your sound drivers or if you are playing the music through a cd drive - the cd drivers themselves - try this if you have windows xp

right click on my computer > click properties

select hardware then device manager

click on the plus next to sound video and game controllers

look for something like realteq 97 or a sound chip

right click on it then uninstall

now goto the cd/dvd rom drives and do the same uninstall the cd drive in question

now go back to the top and click on the plus next to the ata/atapti controllers

now uninstall the one that says controllers - don't bother with the ones that say primary ide CHANNEL etc

Then restart when prompted

When windows restarts should say found new hardware and the eventually ask you to restart again

test your music

see if this helps
Future Resident
2006-09-04 13:45:46 UTC
Are you trying to play the same source?

Have you twiddled with your streaming audio setting?(sometimes expanding your buffer can help)

Are there options or settings with your codecs or audio program that refer to bit depth, connection type, or anything else that seems relevent.(sometimes these things are hidden deep through many menus.)

Double check(I know you may have already, just humor me) all your relevant setting.

Have you tried using a different audio program to play from the same source with the same results?

That's all I can do from here.
2016-12-06 14:49:49 UTC
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